Wine Spectrum Top 100 Wines 

  TOP 10 WINES OF 2017

The Wine Spectrum Top 100 Wines of 2017 will be announced the week of November 27th

#10 Top 100 wine 2014 Demartino Carmenere #9 Top 100 wine 2014 Mt. Brave Cabernet #8 Top 100 Wine 2014 Patrice Rion Bourgogne Blanc

2013 meyer Family Fluffy Billows Cabernet

2014 Wanderin Star Cabernet Franc

2014 gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon











2014 Demartino Carmenere


2014 Mt. Brave Cabernet


2014 Patrice Rion Bourgogne Blanc



2013 Meyer Family Cabernet


2014 Wandering Star Cabernet Franc


2013 La Pitchoune 'Pratt' Chardonnay


2014 Gramercy Cellars Cabernet


2015 Martinelli 'Bella Vigna' Pinot Noir



2014 Stormy Weather Cabernet


2013 Signorello 'Fuse' Cabernet



Inside the Wine Spectrum Top 100

The wine world loves lists. Each year, everyone from The Wine Spectator to James Suckling to The Wine Enthusiast releases their list of the top 100 wines of the Year. Wine Spectrum is no exception, but there’s good reason why ours stands apart.

 As a company, we taste and score over a thousand wines a year with a team of managers and wine advisors. So rather than expressing a single person’s opinion and rating of the wine, Wine Spectrum scores represent a total average of an entire panel. This adds up to decades of combined tasting experience and a better determination of how people will enjoy a wine overall.

From the thousands of wines we tasted over the course of the year this list represents the best of the best. Prioritizing quality (you won’t find a wine rated below 92 points) and popularity among our staff and clients, these are wines that delight and excite. From emerging labels to the cornerstone producers of the winemaking world, ranging from $20 to several hundred, this year’s Top 100 Wines are a true expression of the variety and diversity available to consumers today.

The Wine Spectrum Top 100 of 2017 will be released the week of November 27th

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